The LIRC has collections of print and non-print materials such as: books, periodicals, vertical files, VHS tapes, instructional CD’s, globes, NSO publications, unpublished materials (thesis, dissertations, feasibility studies, baby thesis, OJT narrative reports, etc.), charts, computer units with LAN and internet access, and library automation software.



Long shelves and low shelves (single-faced), carrels, sala set, card and shelf list catalogs, reading tables, office and OPAC computer units, printers, air con units, office tables, ceiling fans, stand fans and propeller fans, filing cabinets, dictionary stands, fire extinguishers,
chairs, photocopier, storage cabinets, cork bulletin boards with and without glass cover, web cam, bar code readers, and others.

Audio-Visual Center

TV, karaoke, VHS player, overhead projector, microphones, sound system, opaque projector, DVD/CD player, LCD projector and screen, digital video camera, air con units, VHS and VCD cabinets, computer units, etc.

Electronic Library (E-lib)

Computer sets (with LAN and internet access), air con units, laser jet printer white board, tables, chairs, etc.


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